The IPQS device fingerprint API is a security service

The IPQS device fingerprint API is a security service that enables your applications to uniquely identify and track devices for detecting suspicious behavior patterns. This can include detection for device resetting, app install fraud, emulators, fake accounts, and similar abuse patterns.

The device fingerprinting process involves a series of calls to the IPQS device profiling API and then a return of a unique device ID for that device. This ID is then used to track the device for suspicious behavior patterns within your network.

In addition to the device fingerprinting, a full suite of risk scoring and user data processing is performed on each device for instant risk assessment and alerting. This includes world class IP intelligence, email address risk assessment and blacklisting, proxy detection, phone reputation, and advanced bot mitigation to detect bad traffic without impacting the user experience.

Fraud Prevention & Data Enrichment

IPQS uses a combination of sophisticated machine learning algorithms and advanced threat intelligence to analyze millions of device fingerprints, email addresses, IP addresses, logins, registrations, clicks and payments for fraudulent behavior. These powerful algorithms are able to grow smarter with each new device that is analyzed, making them effective at preventing fraud across your entire application.

Automated Risk Analysis & Custom Rules

Easily integrate device fingerprinting with your existing user authentication and risk scoring processes to ensure accurate and real-time decisions are made on a daily basis. Use our unified interface to configure rules and receive detailed reports for every device analyzed.

Easy User Validation – Quickly validate user applications and registrations with automatic email validation and reputation checks to help prevent fraud and abuse from the get go. The IPQS user dashboard provides in-depth user analytics and a powerful whitelisting system.

Deep Reputation Checks – Perform machine learning analysis to identify abusive patterns and email addresses that have recently engaged in fraud across the IPQS threat network. This helps to prevent ad fraud, account takeover and malicious users from engaging with your application.

Abuse Detection and Reputation Monitoring – Protect your company from financial losses caused by fraud and high risk behavior including stolen credit cards, account takeover, device resetting, emulators and more. IPQS is the ideal anti-fraud solution for dating apps, gaming apps, banking & financial applications and more.

Authentication and Session Retrieval

When a customer logs in to your application, device fingerprinting information is captured and stored for risk evaluation at checkpoints throughout the session. This is especially valuable for protecting against Man-in-the-Middle attacks that can be detected with the device fingerprinting information.

Prevent Payment Fraud & Abuse

Stop payment fraud and abuse by analyzing user behavior in real-time to determine if they are likely to return a charge back, refund or make a new purchase. This includes identifying suspicious behavior patterns such as user lying about their location, device emulation and other commonly seen behaviors associated with fraudulent transactions.

Premium Account Feature: The “bot_status” data point on API results will indicate if the record has been associated with bot behavior. This will help you make more informed decisions about your business’s security measures and can improve your overall Fraud Scores.