Moving to Hendersonville, NC

The Hendersonville area of North Carolina is an ideal place for families, retirees and those in between. It has a thriving economy, great schools and a comfortable lifestyle. The city is nestled between the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains and enjoys a moderate climate. There are plenty of things to do and see in the town, and if residents want more urban flavor Asheville is only a short drive away.

The city has a strong economy, fueled by manufacturing, retirement, tourism and agriculture. The economy has shifted from its original reliance on furniture and textiles to a more balanced base. Major employers include Kimberly-Clark, General Electric and Wilsonart International, which manufactures decorative surfaces for kitchens and baths. Pardee Hospital is another significant employer in the region.

Hendersonville has a lower crime rate than the state of Tennessee and a much lower rate than the nation as a whole. Property crimes and violent crime are both significantly lower than the national average. The crime rate in the city has also declined over the last decade, making Hendersonville a safe and secure environment for both children and adults.

There are a number of parks and outdoor attractions in Hendersonville, including the beautiful lake at Drake Creek Park. In addition to fishing and swimming, the park is popular for hiking and horseback riding. The town is surrounded by the Pisgah, Nantahala and Chattahoochee national forests, providing additional opportunities for nature enthusiasts.

In the town itself, there are a variety of restaurants, retail and tourism opportunities. The downtown area features an historic district with a mix of antique shops, boutiques and general stores. There are a variety of art galleries and other cultural institutions as well. Hendersonville has a vibrant arts scene, and there is an active film industry as well.

When it comes to education, there are twenty public schools in the Hendersonville school system as well as a day care center. The public schools have higher than average rankings when compared to the national average. In addition, there are several private schools available for those seeking alternative educational opportunities.

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